Wednesday, 5 May 2010


The Lab blog has been taken offline. There are some new rules about e-safety and a code of conduct for staff which are being reviewed and put into place. During a meeting it was highlighted that some of my archive material would fall outside the acceptable criteria. Although I was not asked to, I felt that it would be appropriate to remove the entire blog until the standards have been set. The blog is currently residing on a closed URL blog, and has not been deleted. I will be taking this opportunity to review all of my archived material, and edit anything out to which I feel could be misconstrued as inappropriate.

I would like to make it clear that I have not received a Cease and Desist, nor am I under any legal action. I fully intend to continue blogging and interacting with the technician community, but within the guidelines set out by my Local Authority and School.

At this point in time, I cannot say when normal service will be restored. As soon as everything is in writing, I will release and open the new location of my site. What I can say is that, this URL ( will not be hosting my blog in the furture.

If you have any questions, or would like to contact me, please here or leave a comment.


  1. A bit taken aback to find your blog not there, Dani, it's been so useful as well as interesting. Particularly recently with all the information about your recent course which my chemistry technician also attended but didn't have all the photos and details that you posted which proved very useful to us. All of us science technicians at our various schools are in the business of supporting and helping to provide top class science educational resources to our pupils and their teachers. We work very much in isolation in our respective schools and it is through the internet facilities that are now available, including your excellent blog, that we can support and learn from each other to the benefit of us all in encouraging pupils to take up science academically and as a career. I do hope you will continue with your professional blog and wish you the very best.
    Many thanks,
    Virginia Spence Team Leader Science Technician King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

  2. Hopefully, this absence is just a short one. I hope that "the powers" realise they may be possibly a little over-sensitive. It is nice to see what goes on in another school, and we share the same problems. At least no child protection issues, no libel, just opinion. Even then not overstated!
    If all else fails, and you feel unable to continue under your present regime, perhaps you could start an "anonymous" blog using another blog forum.
    You know where to post a link ;)

  3. Dani's perspectives on technician work and life has been very interesting, informative and enjoyable to read. I suggest that her Blog focuses more on what is good within her worplace as opposed to what the Powers percieve as threatening. Her Blog highlights and advertises the strengths of the school which is a positve thing to keep in mind.

    Dani has trmendous support from the technician community for her blog and I am extremely proud not only to recognise and call her a professional colleague but more importantly, the TecHKnow community will continuously support and back her objective to have her blog re-instated.

    Seamus Smith
    TecHKnow Website Administrator/Manager

  4. Dani's blog will be greatly missed by me - I am sure she will find another way to keep us all informed however! Dani, your enthusiasm for the job and your happy outlook is SO much appreciated by so many of us crusty old techies.
    Love & peace,
    marian of surbiton

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog and admire your enthusiasm in its creation!!!!

  6. Hi, I like to think that you are a school technician with a spot light,we need all the light we can get. Much of what we do in a prep room in your country and mine is keep in the dark. It used to be done by the ST but that was then. Well I hope you continue to blog in whatever format you can, you have a great style. This is old Steven from Queensland Australia.

  7. Dani's blog is very interesting to read and full of information.Hope to see it back soon!

  8. Really sorry to see your informative, entertaining and professional blog go into hiding. Fingers crossed it will be back soon.

  9. I think it a crying shame that you have had to suspend your Blog as it gave an informative and enlightening insight into what a science technician does either in a school or college as anything that ensures that the non-scientific PTB have a least some idea of what we do behind the scenes as many of them seem to think that trolleys load themselves in an instant as if by magic and solutions and the like are also made in the blink of an eye
    I wish you well and hope they see sense so award yourself an extra pan galactic gargle blaster
    "Uncle David"

  10. Very disappointed that your blog has been taken offline. It was entertaining and informative. Your school should be pleased that they have such an enthusiastic technician who puts so much effort into the role.
    Hope to see you back online soon
    Kerry Clarke, Senior Science Technician, Wolverhampton Girls' High School

  11. Every morning I look forward to checking your blog during my tea break.
    I am sure that everybody who also reads it will agree that there is nothing on your blog that can be 'misconstrued as inappropriate'. I think we now live in a time where common sense has gone out the window and 'political correctness' has gone out of control.
    Look forward to your return,
    John McCaig,Science Technician, Stromness Academy, Orkney.